Exercise Earthing Yoga Mat
Exercise Earthing Yoga Mat

Exercise Earthing Yoga Mat

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Elevate your yoga or other exercises by adding more balance and healthy energy allowing your body to eliminate negative charge. Please enjoy our blog post featuring this earthing exercise mat "Elevate Your Yoga Practice". This will give you the same electron flow as if you were barefoot on a sandy beach. You can use this exercise mat either inside or outside by using the grounding cable plugged into the outlet or in the ground. This yoga mat measures 70 " x 24"  in size and the color is black. The surface of each mat is made of 100% Conductive PU (polyurethane), the middle is made of 100% Polyester and the bottom is composed of 100% TPE (thermoplastic rubber). Composition: TPE 70%; Conductive PU 17%; Polyester 13%.

This mat is well-padded, making it an ideal choice for any areas that require prolonged standing or sitting, such as the kitchen. Utilizing the cushioned comfort of the mat while baking, prepping meals, or washing dishes can improve your overall wellbeing.  Use the mat as a computer/desk mat to rest your arms or legs on. Regardless how you decide to use the mat, you will enjoy the benefits of grounding, without having to be bare skinned outside!

Regularly clean your mat from the natural body sweat with warm water and a very mild soap. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
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