advanced light products and lighting technologies that improve the quality of life for millions of people
Norther Light Technologies Logo All of the Norther Light Technologies light therapy lamps are made in North America with the highest quality components available. They have been 100% tested prior to shipment with a full 7 year warranty. From design to manufacturing, down to the very box that you receive, NLT makes products with care.

Northern Light Technologies is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative bright light and specialty lighting technology products. Established in 1989 by a team of engineers, the company has developed a full range of products to bring “light into your life”.

Working with thousands of MDs in North America and in Europe including Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Northern Light Technologies has become widely recognized for its innovation, superior products, experience and customer service.

In 1993, the Company co-founded and is still an active member of the Circadian Lighting Association, committed to maintaining high quality, safe and effective products with accurate performance specifications. Today, with ongoing product development, Northern Light Technologies is launching new and improved bright light products.