An Ounce of Prevention
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Technology has undeniably become a vital part of everyday living. Laptops, cell phones, tablets and other devices are now considered necessities at home as well as at the office. This was the case long before Covid advanced into our lives and made digital connections more important than ever.

However, reliance on the convenience of wireless technology comes with a price. Any telecommunication device that uses Bluetooth or Wifi emits and exposes us to an electro- magnetic field (EMF) and this can trigger some unhealthy side effects.
stressed out at a computer screen working headache
The Earth generates naturally-occurring EMFs that benefit and stabilize our bodies; we can access these through direct contact with the Earth’s surface, known as earthing or grounding.

But man-made EMFs are not at all beneficial to us in the same way. In fact, devices that transmit wirelessly all release high frequency RFR (radiofrequency radiation): Wifi routers, cell towers, tablets and laptops, baby monitors, Bluetooth or satellite radio, retail scanners, Smart phones and gadgets, etc.
combination of all different electronic devices emitting EMFs
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