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Two of A Kind
If you and your husband ever resort to planning twin outfits on purpose, these cozy moose hide moccasin slippers by Bastien are definitely the way to go!
An Ounce of Prevention
It is difficult to know what long-term impact EMFs will have on the human body. Science has already established that children absorb higher levels of EMF than adults. Lowering your exposure with a laptop shield is a pro-active, preventative measure that could improve the quality of your life and health for many years to come.
Big Shoes to Fill
Order a pair of Laurentian Chief Moose Hide Moccasin Boots for men and experience the 100% Canadian quality craftsmanship.
Ballerina Moccasins 2.0
Introduce your feet to a pair of silky soft outdoor Ballet Moccasins by Laurentian Chief, and savor the simple life!
Just In Case
Emergency food kits and supplies are a good solution for a variety of situations, not just in a time of crisis or disaster, but for camping and safety prep as well. Practice being prepared and give yourself some peace of mind, knowing you’ll be as ready as you can possibly be for whatever life throws your way.
Back to the Basics
Easy to wear, the Homer sneaker conveniently slips on and pleasantly cradles your foot in wooly warmth. Plan your cozy fall days and autumn outfits now!
Elevate Your Yoga Practice
Together with exercise, earthing can truly elevate your health and general sense of well- being with this grounding mat for yoga and exercise.
On The Fringe
Dress them up or dress them down, according to style or season. Laurentian Chief’s classic Moka Suede Moccasin Boots will carry you through the year’s fashion trends with their traditional fringed design, high-quality leather, and time-honored craftsmanship.
He Said, She Said
There are two sides to every story, or in this case, two styles, and both rate two thumbs up! Get grounded and re-connect with nature in a pair of gorgeous moose hide moccasins in Men’s and Women’s style by Laurenti
Meet Your Match
This mini bag and moccasin combination are a matched set of authentic Indigenous design, created with time-honoured materials and techniques. By supporting Amerindian-made products, you can take pride in recognizing the exceptional work, quality, and heritage of North American Indigenous peoples... and look beautiful at the same time.
Go Green
Be well and enjoy your earthing experience with the Tamara vegan sandal by Biotime® with copper rivet for grounding.
Comfortable Shoes, Healthy Body
Classic styling elevates your casual look, making these handsome mocs a wardrobe staple for jeans, khakis, shorts, and beyond.
Old World, New Connection
A Yemeni shoe unites authentic craftsmanship and materials with the modern science of earthing, for footwear that is both traditional and innovative. Available in two colors (Tan and Black) in both Men’s and Women’s sizes.
The Living History of Moccasins
Traditional moccasins have a long, living history that continues to evolve. Laurentian Chief commemorates that history by employing ancient techniques and materials and blending them with contemporary comfort and style.
Step In Those Blue Suede Shoes
Crafted with timeless navy blue suede and tan details, these women’s walking shoes are as classic and attractive as they are comfortable. Lined with soft leather, the midsole features bio-friendly memory foam arches and padded heels.
Spring In Your Step
If the deliciousness of Spring has you longing to get outside to work and play in all weathers, step into a pair of Foragers and stay comfortable all day long. Easy clean-up and adjustability will make these the most practical pair of boots you’ll own!
Put On Your Walking Shoes
Put on your Grounding Walkers and step into a healthier, happier body.
Make a Statement
The Medicine Wheel jewelry collection is not only beautiful, its vivid motif tells the story of ancient cultures and their special connection with the natural world. The necklace is adjustable and may be worn two ways - long or short - and bracelet can be adapted to fit. Pierced earrings are post-and-back.
Get Smart
The digital landscape has expanded dramatically in the past 10 years and will continue to do so. Protect your space and preserve your well-being with the smartDOT®!
If the Shoe Fits
Our stay-at-home adventure has lasted so much longer than we expected, and it hasn’t been easy. Every day brings new information, new changes. We may not always know what direction to take, but Laurentian Chief Apache Moccasin Boots will help us get there.
Re-Jig Your Fishing Experience
Nils Master lures will involve you in more of the fishing action, and give you an edge with their adaptability, appearance, and motion. Invest in the best!!