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Wild and Free
Wild leathers include moose, bison, elk, and caribou hides — animals endowed with deep significance in ancient cultures. Historically, Indigenous communities have looked upon these beasts with respect and gratitude, using every part in honour of their sacrifice.
Break The Cycle
The Earthing Body Pillow Cover is made from soft, breathable cotton threaded with a grid of naturally conductive, pure silver fibers. When the cover is plugged into a grounded outlet, the fibers conduct the Earth’s electrons through the grounded current.
Blue Skies
Fleece-lined suede moccasins will keep our toes toasty warmth for the remaining weeks of winter. And the wonderful part is, they’ll be waiting for us to slide our feet into next fall, when we start looking forward to the cozy seasons once again.
Crown Cap, is a company based in Western Canada that has been designing fur hats and caps for over 80 years. They are committed to creating the highest quality products with the finest materials, maintaining prairie sensibilities while becoming global fashion enterprise.
Indoor No More: The Slipper Revolution
The slipper evolution has become a fashion revolution, defying traditional boundaries of style and comfort. We invite you to take your first step in this direction - there’s no going back! But then again, why would you want to?
Taking Up Space
If you’re reclaiming your personal footprint, these are the moccasins to endure with you on that journey in comfort and style and take the space you need!
Animal Magnetism
Animals have a special relationship with nature and their environment. It’s important to keep them connected with the natural world, and protected from EMF exposure that can complicate their health and welfare. An Earthing Pad combined with petDOT™ and aquaDOT™ technology gives your pet the best chance for wellness and a long, happy life.
Lighter Than Air
Shrug off the weight of the world and step into Garneau’s lighter-than-air Sheepskin Mule slippers. It’s your time - take it.
Winter Walking
Made with genuine leather and lined with thick sheepskin, these handsome moccasin boots are comfortable and flexible for long walks and other winter activities.
Step Into Your Comfort Zone
This year, you don’t need an excuse to stay in your comfort zone. Don’t just step into it — embrace it!
Stay Stable, Stay Safe
K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats are ideal for everything from running shoes to work boots. Comfortable and portable, they are a convenient solution for adding temporary but vital traction in inclement weather.
The Night Before Christmas
Inspired by “’Twas The Night Before Christmas” this poem is sure to warm your heart featuring cozy his and hers sheepskin slip-on slippers by MerinoMood.
Seasonal Rhythms
Stepping into a special pair of Laurentian Chief slippers can remind us to pause, rest and rejuvenate. When we fill our own cup, it overflows with joy to others.
Slippers With a Story
With a uniquely textured look achieved by treated reversed sheepskin, Chuni slippers have a suede outsole, heel and tab detail. They are accented with a centre seam along the vamp and generous stitch around the ankle, embellished at the side with the distinctive Brown Bear logo.
Winter Warm Up
Soothing and plush with every step, Sheepskin Slippers by Laurentian Chief are the ultimate in comfort. Over time, the fit grows even more snug as the velvety suede conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot.
No Matter What
We promised you more Brown Bear merch and here it is! Introducing cozy, high-quality sweatshirts featuring the distinctive Brown Bear logo - perfect for camping and cottage life, winter nights, or just chilling out around a bonfire. The Brown Bear...
Reconnect, Restore, Revitalize
Leather is a product of nature that will not disrupt the earthing connection. Traditional moccasins made with real animal hides, like those crafted by Laurentian Chief, are a way to restore our relationship with the earth.
As Canadian As It Gets
Handcrafted with responsibly sourced, high quality hides, and traditional artisanship and design, these house shoes are a quite a step up above average.
The Right Gear
As cold weather approaches, protect yourself and your shoes from the elements with a must- have pair of durable, weatherproof Villager Overshoes by NEOS.
The Hygge Life
When the days get shorter and temperatures drop, you embrace your comforts and plan for cold-weather cheer. In that heartwarming spirit of hygge, sheepskin boots are cozy and beautiful - inside and out. It’s not just a word, it’s a lifestyle.
In Step with Nature
Walking in all-leather moccasins enables the Earth’s energy to be naturally absorbed through the feet without the obstruction of synthetic outsoles. Earthing in Bastien’s moose hide fringed moccasins is just a step away, and can be ordered online from our Healthy & Grounded website for quick and convenient delivery.