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Best Kept Secret
As soon as I step into my mocs, the world becomes a gentler place at a gentler pace, putting things into perspective, and lightening my heart and mind.
Spoiled for Choice
All moccasins and boots by Bastien Industries are authentically Indigenous-made, handcrafted on the Huron-Wendat reservation in Quebec, Canada.
Sweet Deal on Men’s Mules
This season, invest in a pair of upgraded, handsome summer mules and enjoy the benefits of earthing whenever you wear them on a natural surface. Look good, feel even better!
Taking Steps to Re-Connect
Earthing is about feeling grounded in nature, which leads to feeling grounded in your own life. Natural, all-leather moccasins are your first step in that direction.
Ready For Anything
In today’s climate, weather can change on a dime. Outscape Lace-Up Muck Shoes give you the versatility you need to be ready for whatever nature throws our way.
The Enduring Legacy of Moccasins
There are many reasons why moccasins have stood the test of time and adapted in design to contemporary living. In creating their exceptional line of footwear, Laurentian Chief has embraced traditional materials and techniques, and applied thoughtful updates for a truly modern moccasin.
Secret Weapon
If you’re looking for great style, superior quality, and luxurious comfort in an earthing shoe, Men’s Leather Drivers by HARMONY783 are exactly the right fit for you.
Slip Into Comfort
Whatever shoes you may have to work or walk the world in, it’s worth knowing a soft pair of luxury moccasins awaits you at the end of the day. Your feet deserve it.
Crystal Clear
For safe, clean drinking water, the choice is crystal clear: LifeStraw®. LifeStraw® personal water filters remove 99.999999% of bacteria, 99.999% of parasites, 99.999% of micro plastics, and turbidity (silt, sand, cloudiness.)
Evergreen, Ever Grounded
If you’re hiking or exercising outdoors in synthetic shoes, you’re missing out on the full benefits of nature. Adding grounding to your hiking experience introduces a whole new level of health and wellness you may not have tapped into before.
Style + Tradition
Men’s Buffalo Leather Indoor Moccasins are luxury slippers that will look good and feel great, year after year, season after season.
5 Reasons to Love Felted Wool Slippers
Felted wool house shoes are the perfect blend of luxury, practicality, and classic neutral styling. And they won’t succumb to any of the usual fates of an average slipper! Treat yourself by investing in a pair today. Available in unisex sizes 36-46.
Protect Your Energy
The bioBAND is worn like a wrist watch, powered in the center by its patented bioDOTTM. It emits natural frequencies to reduce the chance of symptoms commonly experienced due to wireless radiation, such as headaches, tension, and irritability.
Warm Up To A Good Cause
The “Not Forgotten” blanket is a generous 127 cm x 152 cm (50” x 60”) and is made with soft, plush, polyester fibres. It’s a home accessory you can feel proud to own, and will keep you warm in more ways than one.
Doing the Soft Shoe
Take loungewear to the next level and step into a pair of Laurentian Chief indoor moccasins. Time to put your feet up, where you can admire them best!
Wide Stride
Find your stride and perfect wide fit with Wakosun!
The Barefoot Feeling
Ballerina Moccasins by Laurentian Chief come in Maple Tan and Chocolate, they are flexible and fit slightly loose.
A Moment of Stillness
Preventative measures, such as protective gear, could go a long way in keeping us healthy and happy. Why not protect yourself and look good doing it?
Snow Days
Laurentian Chief Mukluks are crafted with time-honoured techniques and authentic materials, combining classic design with contemporary appeal.
’Tis The Season
The wind may howl and the snow may fall, but my feet will be warm, and so will my heart!
Hat Trick
Preventative measures, such as protective gear, could go a long way in keeping us healthy and happy. Why not protect yourself and look good doing it?