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“Fast fashion” is a phrase we’re hearing more and more of. It encapsulates high-trend, cheaply made clothes and accessories that are only meant to last a season or two, at most. Not the best way to build a quality wardrobe, for a number of reasons.

There’s something about investing in a classic statement piece you know you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come; an exceptional item that accentuates your look, transcends fads, and always appears timeless.

This is especially true of leather goods that look incredible and fit better the longer you wear them.
Quality North American made genuine leather and sheepskin mittens for men and women
Leather Mittens by Fourrures Grenier are gorgeously made winter accessories designed to stand the test of time.

Crafted from smooth, rich hides and lined with genuine sheepskin, these mitts are part of Grenier’s City Collection. Their warmth and sleek styling combine to create a distinctly urban look with a rustic vibe that will keep your hands cozy winter after winter.
cheery colored Leather Mittens by Fourrures Grenier City Collection
And while there are many considerations to make when choosing luxury goods, perhaps the most important are durability and longevity.

Current shopping trends result in 85% of textiles ending up in the trash within one year of purchase. Most fast fashion is made in factories overseas with synthetic fabrics and plastic by-products, which are non-biodegradable. Fast fashion contributes to a negative cycle of cheap materials, poor working conditions, and environmental pollution.
Grenier Leather Mittens meet all the criteria for responsible, eco-friendly style
Grenier Leather Mittens, on the other hand, meet all the criteria for responsible, eco-friendly style.

Locally Produced

Shearling-lined leather mitts from the City Collection are manufactured in Quebec, Canada by Fourrures Grenier. Both Grenier and The Brown Bear (in Ontario) are multi-generational family businesses, so your purchase supports not just one, but two Canadian companies!
quality canadian made leather mittens for warm hands all winter long

Superior Materials + Craftsmanship

Lustrous leather, stout stitching, and a 6mm thick sheepskin interior make these mittens both elegant and warm, providing protection from sub-zero temperatures and the bitter wind-chill.


Genuine leather and sheepskin are renewable, organic, and decomposable materials with far less environmental impact than man-made synthetics. To ensure ethical practices and goods of the highest quality, Fourrures Grenier products are made with locally sourced hides according to Canada’s strict animal welfare standards, codes of practice, and licensing.
Shearling-lined leather mitts from the City Collection are manufactured in Quebec, Canada by Fourrures Grenier

Classic Design

Mittens themselves are traditional and consistent in design and will never look outdated. Versatile enough for city looks or cottage-core, Grenier leather mitts are available in classic colours and multiple sizes for men and women.

Long-Term Durability

Leather mittens are an investment, made to last. When properly maintained, they can be worn for many, many winters, growing even more comfortable and handsome as they develop a personalized fit and mellow patina.
fine leather and sheepskin mittens are a commitment to time-honoured style and superior quality
Like a designer handbag or couture clothing, fine leather and sheepskin mittens are a commitment to time-honoured style and superior quality. Unlike most trendy items and fast fashion, however, you can feel good about making a conscientious purchase and choosing a product with so many long-term benefits.
Leather Mittens by Fourrures Grenier made in Quebec Canada
Grenier Sheepskin-Lined Leather Mittens come in Black for Men, and Black, Chamois (tan), and Cherry Red for Women. Available in Men’s Large and X-Large, and Women’s Small, Medium, and Large.


It’s time to look ahead and invest in classic style!
Leather Mittens made in Canada by Fourrures Grenier

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