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Traveling is such an exciting experience. Not only does it provide us with an adventure or holiday, but it exposes us to different cultures and landscapes. It gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves to create memories in new and sometimes unusual places.

If you’re like me, though, the biggest hurdle to traveling is packing.

Personally, I am someone who struggles not to over-pack. I love to explore new places, but I also like to have with me a versatile wardrobe and few comforts from home. I admire people who can stick to bare necessities and make do with just a back-pack or a duffel bag, because I really have to work at paring things down.
Traveling with power cords and adapters
That being said, there are certain items (some universal, some personal) that are essential to everyone when preparing to travel. It helps a lot to make a list.

Key travel items:
  • Travel documents
  • Seasonal/appropriate clothing
  • Devices (phone, camera)
  • Medication/supplements/remedies
  • Personal items
Traveling with necessities including earthing mat so you can sleep better
Personal items may very well include grounding products, particularly if they assist with health and wellness. An earthing pad, grounding sheets, or a grounded yoga mat can counteract the side effects of travel such as jet lag, circulation issues, and various aches and pains. For some these items may be a little luxury “extra” to bring along on a trip, but for others, they’re a necessity.

But there’s one vital thing missing from the above list. Can you guess what it is?

It’s easy to forget that power outlets are different in different countries around the world. Without a proper adaptor, there may not be a way to access a grounded connection for your earthing products and devices.
Earthing adapter and splitter for grounding products
An International Grounding Outlet Adapter is a convenient and affordable solution to maintaining a grounded connection while visiting other countries around the world. And like many earthing products designed for easy portability, it doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase (which is good news for me!)
International adapters for earthing products and grounded cords

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