Brown Bear Blog

The Thunderbird (Animikii)
Laurentian Chief fur-trimmed indoor moccasins for men are the most comfortable footwear you will ever own. Traditional in design and craftsmanship, the hand-beaded thunderbird brings a special symbolic element to these already exceptional slippers.
Indoor Earthing
If circumstances are preventing you from going outdoors, an Anti-Fatigue Earthing Seat Mat makes it possible to access a connection to nature and achieve the benefits of earthing in your own home.
Beanie or Toque?
Made with soft-spun, stretchable acrylic, the Brown Bear toque is unisex in design and fits snugly.
The Worker Boot
Whether professionally or residentially employed, NEOS cleated Voyager Overshoes bring safety, stability, and protection to the jobsite in unpredictable conditions.
Limited Edition
This gorgeous pair of mocs is available for a limited time. The time for reward, enjoyment, and celebration is NOW.
5 Reasons To Wear Sheepskin Mittens
Experience the comfort and therapeutic qualities of sheepskin, and stay warm and stylish all winter long!
Grounded, Globally
It is now possible to fly around the world on wonderful new adventures and yet stay grounded at the same time!
On The Other Hand...
Like a designer handbag or couture clothing, fine leather and sheepskin mittens are a commitment to time-honoured style and superior quality.
Slippers For Self-Care
This is your year! Slip into it with comfort and ease wearing Laurentian Chief’s Sheepskin Lined Moose Hide Moccasins.
“I Just Love Wearing Them.”
These moccasins are designed for cheerful winter days inside, when the snow is drifting in the yard, the tea is steeping in your cup, and a good book awaits you on the sofa.
The Gift of Groundedness
There is now a diverse selection of products available to help practice earthing indoors. Whether working or relaxing — even sleeping — the life-changing benefits of grounding can be enjoyed from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
Have Yourself A Merry Pair of Moccasins
Give the gift of comfort and joy this holiday season— to yourself or someone else. And have yourself a merry pair of moccasins!
Fit To Be Tied
Mukluks are a cold-weather version of the moccasin, derived from ancient tribes of the Arctic. Made with natural materials such as genuine leather hides and sheepskin lining, they are designed for warmth and comfort.
A Touch of Tartan
Supple leather and soft plaid combine to create a sophisticated and ultra-comfortable indoor shoe. Step into high quality tradition and design with these stunning Canadian-made tartan-lined moccasin slippers.
Daily Luxuries
In this world, sometimes the best things in life are right in front of us. And little luxury goes a long way.
Wide World
Canadian made All-Leather Wide-fit Moccasins are now in stock at a special price. Available in two colours (Cream and California Tan), these traditional-style, suede-lined mocs are considered a “barefoot shoe,” naturally conforming to your foot’s unique shape.
Out & About
The Indigenous Art Hip Pack and Cap by Native Northwest are accessories that keep you comfortable, organized and looking good on the go!
Zero Stress
Don’t look now, but you could be one of those enviably organized Christmas people...with “zero stress”!
Wear A Work Of Art
There’s nothing cozier than a luxurious wrap that not only highlights your outfit, but keeps you warm when the weather starts to change.
Portable, Pure Water
Whatever the adventure, planned or unplanned, clean, safe drinking water is the basic necessity you never want to do without. By keeping a LifeStraw® Collapsible Bottle with your camping gear, emergency supplies - even in your car - you can be sure you’re prepared for anything.
A Treat For Your Feet
Laurentian Chief makes sheepskin-lined moccasin slippers in deep chocolate brown, as sweet as any Hallowe’en candy bar. Hand-crafted in Canada from luxury moose hide and genuine shearling, they feel incredible to wear — soft, yet durable.