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Copper Currency
As an essential mineral, the benefits of copper are not only aesthetic, but medicinal and potentially therapeutic. We invite you to explore our new copper products!
Tradition Meets Comfort
Buffalo Hide Moccasin Slippers by Laurentian Chief demonstrate a piece of history, inspired by and made in accordance with time-honored tradition.
Earthing On The Move
Earthing Runners are gender-neutral in style, lightweight and slip resistant, with a classic, lace- up design. The soft, breathable mesh upper allows feet to stay ventilated while running, walking, or playing.
Fall Clearance: Women’s White Leather Moccasins
Why wait until the snow flies, when you can take advantage of our remaining inventory and clearance pricing? Order online today and have these gorgeous slippers waiting for you the moment you start to feel a chill in the air.
The Moccasin’s Universal Appeal
Whether you prefer men’s or women’s sizing, Chestnut Leather Indoor Moccasins are easy to slip on and off, and their supple leather will adapt to your personal footprint over time.
From Art to Table
Whether dining at home with your family, or entertaining guests, Soaring Eagle serving pieces will elevate your table into a work of art, inspiring curiosity and conversation.
Dependable Comfort
Like an ancient tree, Laurentian Chief’s new Woodstain Moccasins for men make a case for endurance and dependability.
Every Child Matters
We are proud to feature an Indigenous-designed “Every Child Matters” t-shirt to commemorate NDTR and Orange Shirt Day.
Campfire Couture
A campfire is one of the great summer traditions! Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire pit, favourite beverage in hand, surrounded by good friends and family? Here are some footwear recommendations for an evening around the fire.
Indigenous Art Home Goods
Native Northwest textiles and designs feature authentic, culturally significant Indigenous artwork to beautify your home. Be sure to view the whole collection on our website!
On Clearance: Men’s Wide-Fit Earthing Moccasins
We’re retiring the Wakonsun line of moccasins, so now’s your chance to pick up a pair of men’s wide-fitting mocs for earthing!
Set The Table, Set The Tone
With their dramatic motifs and vivid colors, our new Table Runners & Napkins by Native Northwest will bring exceptional style and dynamic color and design to your dining space.
Indoor Moccasins For Stay-at-Home Style
Women’s Moose Hide Moccasins by Laurentian Chief have a minimalist look that pairs well with all your stay-at-home essentials. Whether it’s sleep wear, work-from-home basics, or lounge wear, moccasin slippers are the ultimate accessory to laid-back style.
Step Out of the Ordinary
Laurentian Chief’s Earthing-Optional Moose Hide Moccasins combine traditional styling with modern amenities, without sacrificing their earthing connection.
Welcome to Earthing
Did you know that all-natural leather-soled moccasins have another purpose? Earthing. Traditional moccasins are the original earthing footwear.
Earthy Vibes
Biotime sandals already have that earthy vibe you know and love — now they can create a genuine earthing connection, too. Enjoy looking great and feeling even better!
Grounding: Just The Facts
Evidence proves that creating an earthing connection is integral to our health. HARMONY783 footwear is grounding and wellness made easy — and fashionable!
The Earthing Option
Laurentian Chief’s Earthing-Optional Moose Hide Moccasins combine traditional styling with modern amenities, without sacrificing their earthing connection.
The Reviews Are In!
Fleece-lined suede moccasins will keep our toes toasty warmth for the remaining weeks of winter. And the wonderful part is, they’ll be waiting for us to slide our feet into next fall, when we start looking forward to the cozy seasons once again.
Ground Yourself
Introducing grounding practices into your life is one of the simplest yet most rewarding commitments you can make to your health and wellbeing. Here are '10 Ways to Ground Yourself Daily Indoor and Out'.
The Real Deal
Early Spring can be warm in the sun but cold in the shade. It’s an exciting time to watch for the first flowers, and feel the Earth waking up after its long winter’s sleep. It helps to have a light and stylish pair of boots to see you through until the weather becomes truly warmer.