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The Hygge Life
When the days get shorter and temperatures drop, you embrace your comforts and plan for cold-weather cheer. In that heartwarming spirit of hygge, sheepskin boots are cozy and beautiful - inside and out. It’s not just a word, it’s a lifestyle.
In Step with Nature
Walking in all-leather moccasins enables the Earth’s energy to be naturally absorbed through the feet without the obstruction of synthetic outsoles. Earthing in Bastien’s moose hide fringed moccasins is just a step away, and can be ordered online from our Healthy & Grounded website for quick and convenient delivery.
Cold Feet, Warm Heart
The sheepskin foot warmer is luxuriously plush and cozy, with adjustable velcro straps and lots of room to slide your feet in and out... perfect for relaxing on the couch or even sitting at a desk while you work.
The Legend of Hiawatha
Authentic moccasins bring to mind an ancient heritage rich with stories like that of Hiawatha’s. Wearing something crafted with care by skilled Indigenous artisans is a privilege and a joy.
Slipper Season
MerinoMood bootie slippers come in two very different colours, whatever your mood or style preference, and I can’t tell which one I like best! There’s neutral beige to keep things cool and classic, but also a rich, shadowy violet for those who prefer a darker shade. Sassy pom-pom laces complete this cute and cozy look.
Zip It
The EMF Protection Hoodie is a convenient and trendy option for limiting EMF exposure. Lightweight, comfortable, and made with genuine silver fibres, it can be worn over regular clothing to shield against harmful radiation frequencies.
Slippers With Great Personality
I have to admit, I had a little giggle when I first saw these slippers in all their fluffy glory. Then I tried them on. And I understood: they may not be the trendiest or prettiest ones in the world, but they do have great personality! I could definitely see myself spending quality time with these plushy slides.
Sleep It Off
Unlike some grounding pads that are used under a sheet, this mattress pad is meant to be slept on. As with all grounded surfaces, it works best when in direct contact with your skin, so go as bare as you dare! Its velvety plush comfort will keep you cozy all night long, while you enjoy a deep and restful grounded sleep.
Hats Off to Brown Bear!
The new Brown Bear merchandise celebrates a Canadian-based, family-owned and operated business that has stood the test of time for 50 years. Wear it proudly!
A Boot for All Seasons
Our lives changed a lot when we decided to switch to life in the country. Chores and outdoor work levelled up, and so did our gear. This transition was made so much easier by having Muck® boots that meet our needs, in every condition, rain or shine.
Moccasins At Home
The superior quality and design of these genuine cowhide suede moccasins is characterized by traditional detailing: Indigenous-inspired braided trim, with rows of fringe across the vamp, and around the heel, and finished off with rawhide laces.
The Caribou Tradition
Tap into tradition, quality, and style with Men's Caribou Leather Mocs by Laurentian Chief.
The Crossover Chore Boot
The Original Muck Boot Co. has over two decades’ worth of experience in developing high performance rubber and neoprene chore boots that keep feet comfortable and dry. Now, they’ve created a dapper 100% MUCKPROOFTM powerhouse for the barnyard and beyond.
A Wide Step to Wellness
Boho’s Wide Leather Walkers for Men and Women are a casual, wider-fitting shoe with a classic look and natural shape to keep your feet strong and naturally positioned.
Best Kept Secret
As soon as I step into my mocs, the world becomes a gentler place at a gentler pace, putting things into perspective, and lightening my heart and mind.
Spoiled for Choice
All moccasins and boots by Bastien Industries are authentically Indigenous-made, handcrafted on the Huron-Wendat reservation in Quebec, Canada.
Sweet Deal on Men’s Mules
This season, invest in a pair of upgraded, handsome summer mules and enjoy the benefits of earthing whenever you wear them on a natural surface. Look good, feel even better!
Taking Steps to Re-Connect
Earthing is about feeling grounded in nature, which leads to feeling grounded in your own life. Natural, all-leather moccasins are your first step in that direction.
Ready For Anything
In today’s climate, weather can change on a dime. Outscape Lace-Up Muck Shoes give you the versatility you need to be ready for whatever nature throws our way.
The Enduring Legacy of Moccasins
There are many reasons why moccasins have stood the test of time and adapted in design to contemporary living. In creating their exceptional line of footwear, Laurentian Chief has embraced traditional materials and techniques, and applied thoughtful updates for a truly modern moccasin.
Secret Weapon
If you’re looking for great style, superior quality, and luxurious comfort in an earthing shoe, Men’s Leather Drivers by HARMONY783 are exactly the right fit for you.