Wear A Work Of Art

Wear A Work Of Art

Wearing layers in the fall is the best way to adjust to changing temperatures, making the cape one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

There’s nothing cozier than a luxurious wrap that not only highlights your outfit, but keeps you warm when the weather starts to change. For even greater style impact, we suggest choosing something with a truly unique pattern, something that supports Indigenous creatives.
Woman wearing a black beret hat and a warm blue reversible fashion cape
The Eagle cape from Native Northwest is designed by Haida artist, Roger Smith. Striking in cool teal and classic black, it cascades in gentle, flattering folds, enveloping you in cashmere- like softness. Generous in size, with low armholes, it drapes to accommodate every body type.

Looking for style tips? Here are 5 ways to cultivate the look and punch up your cape game:

1) Go Casual

A cape can be dressed up or down, so start with a relaxed vibe, worn comfortably with jeans and boots. Perfect for day trips, shopping, outdoor time... whatever fall fun you have planned.
warm reversible fashion capes designed with Indigenous art pattern

2) Take It To The Next Level

Elevate your cape to a stunning statement piece with an all-black, upscale casual look. Add boots for maximum effect.
Native American style pattern on warm reversible fashion cape

3) Top It Off

Introduce a beret to your ensemble for extra style panache. If you start to feel a little French, so much the better!
Woman wearing a black beret hat and a warm blue reversible fashion cape and turquoise necklace

4) Belt It

Add dimension and shape by belting your cape and pairing with a long skirt for a completely different take.
Stylish warm cozy reversible fashion cape with chucky belt

5) Accessorize!

Without heavy sleeves, your arms are free to display your favourite bangles. Chunky rings can also be shown to their full advantage.
Chunky rings with sky blue cap made of luxurious viscose and microfibre
Made with a sumptuously soft blend of 65% viscose and 35% microfibre, the Eagle cape is reversible, and measures 96 cm x 196 cm (approximately 38” x 77”). One size.

If you’re hoping to experiment with this look and add a special piece to your wardrobe this fall, the Eagle cape can be conveniently ordered online. It is also available in the “Tradition” design by Namgis artist, Ryan Cranmer, in Red/Black and Black/White.


A Statement of Respect and Authenticity: Increased awareness and sensitivity are changing perspectives on Indigenous art and goods. The conscientious consumer wishes to avoid cultural appropriation by supporting authentic Indigenous artists and their products.

The capes for sale on our website have been designed by Indigenous artists to be sold commercially and worn by the public. No traditions have been violated or appropriated.

Native Northwest is a Vancouver-based Canadian brand that exclusively carries authentic Indigenous designs, acting as partners to the artists and stewards to the artwork they promote.

Native Northwest believes in building everyday connections to Indigenous cultures. 100% of the art featured on Native Northwest products is designed by Indigenous artists and this is their Statement of Respect and Authenticity:

Native Northwest believes in building everyday connections to Indigenous cultures
[Image courtesy of nativenorthwest.ca]

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