At Home With Comfort
Staying in is the new going out.

FOMO (fear of missing out) has been replaced by JOMO — the JOY of missing out. More and more women are choosing to skip out the crowds, late hours, and the expense of a night on the town in favour of quiet evenings or entertaining at home.

One of the many benefits of low-key socializing is enjoying a mellow, uncomplicated experience surrounded by your closest family members and friends. No need to worry about arranging transportation, deciding where to eat, or what to wear.

At home, you can host in lounge pants and slippers, if you want... comfy, suede moccasins, for example, handmade in Canada by Laurentian Chief.
comfy, suede moccasin slippers handmade in Canada by Laurentian Chief
These indoor moccasin booties for women are worth inviting people over for!

Laurentian Chief’s Fringed Moccasins bridge the trending gap between at-home and in- public casual wear. Crafted with dark tan suede leather, and a deep fold of fringe around the ankle, they’re so classic and cute, you’ll never want to take them off. With a lushly padded insole for ultimate comfort, they’re finished off by hand with crisscrossed stitching and an enchanting beaded leaf design on the vamp of each toe. The rubber outsole is extra versatile for light outdoor wear, like stepping out to the store for snacks!
enchanting beaded leaf design on the vamp of Canadian made leather moccasins
If you’re looking for hosting ideas — and a reason to wear these gorgeous mocs — here is our list of Top 10 stay-at-home gatherings with friends and family. You’re welcome!

1) Watch Party

Whether it’s bingeing a hit series, catching the game, or revisiting a classic movie from your childhood, pop some popcorn, put your mocs on, and hit the couch with fellow fans.

2) Games Night

Organize a card tournament, have a puzzle race, play a favourite old-school board game. Your comfy moccasins will give you the winner’s edge, even if you end up in Monopoly jail.
game night with your favorite pair of comfy quality handmade moccasin slippers

3) Saturday Crafternoon

Moccasins were made for crafting days! Round up your creative friends and form a knitting club, host a paint party or indulge in a made-by-hand seasonal project.

4) Wine/Whiskey/Beer Tasting

Everyone brings their drink of choice to share with the others. It’s a great way to show off your trendy mocs AND support local wineries or breweries!

5) Vinyl Listening Party

Each person chooses a favourite record album (new or classic) to share with the group. Moccasins are extra comfortable should the need for dancing arise.
Vintage vinyl record with classic moccasins

6) Accessories Swap

You and your guests bring 3-5 gently used accessories (costume jewelry, handbags, scarves, etc.) to trade with one another for a no-cost update to your wardrobe. (Don’t be surprised if people want to barter for your moccasin booties, though!)

7) Tea Party

Put your moccasins and the kettle on and set the table with your prettiest teacups for an afternoon of Earl Grey and cucumber sandwiches.

8) Book Club

Share your favourite novels (and discover new ones) with your bookwormiest friends. Moccasins are perfect for curling up with a good read.
handmade authentic moccasins next to a stack of the best books

9) Jam Session

Are you or any of your friends musical? Gather ‘round the piano or break out the guitar and have a sing-along. Moccasin feet are the best beat-keepers and toe-tappers.

10) Slumber Party

Nothing goes better with moccasins than a cozy pair of PJs. Host a sleepover girls’ weekend at your place with good wine, good food, and lots of late-night confessional chit-chat. You deserve it!
stylish fringed beaded women's moccasins by Laurentian Chief made in Canada
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There are so many reasons why home is the best place to be, and a great pair of mocs is one of them. Exquisitely crafted, beautifully styled, and luxuriously comfy, these beaded fringed moccasins are so nice you’ll almost want to go out and show them off.

getting cozy with some warm tea and a beautiful pair of Canadian made moccasins

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