Leather Conditioner
Investing in high quality leather goods generally comes with the expectation that they will last many years, sometimes a lifetime.

Whether purchasing a jacket, shoes, furniture, or saddlery and tack, leather items require a little extra effort and care in order to remain supple in texture and appearance. Without proper cleaning and protection, leather can become dried out, cracked, or discoloured.

There are a lot of generic protectors and sprays on the market for safeguarding hides and leathers. But depending on the ingredients, some of these products can do more harm than good. Many modern leather protectors contain hazardous phosphates and toxic petrochemicals. Instead of nourishing and protecting, these chemical compounds will eventually damage not only your leather goods, but the environment.

Canadian Beeseal Leather Conditioner & Protector is 100% Canadian-made, 100% organic, and contains no animal or petroleum by-products.
Canadian Beeseal leather conditioner and protector revive leather footwear
The Beeseal company believes protective leather products should only contain ingredients you can apply to your own skin. Their protector is made with completely safe, all-natural elements to preserve not only your leather goods, but your health and our planet.

Canadian Beeseal Leather Conditioner & Protector contains:


Beeswax is easily absorbed by leather, conditioning it from the inside, while naturally protecting it from moisture on the outside. Unlike petrochemicals, beeswax forms a breathable layer on the surface, and does not dissolve in water.

Olive Oil

A natural fatty ingredient with antibacterial properties, olive oil cleans and deeply hydrates leather surfaces, improving their look and feel.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil prevents dryness by moisturizing leather and forming a protective layer. Its caprylic acids help repel bacteria, mould, and viruses, penetrating the surface for a deeper clean.

Canola Oil

Rich in Vitamins E and K, canola oil hydrates and softens leather, protecting it from damage — especially when combined with beeswax.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps to nourish and repair leather In the same way it heals and freshens skin. It reduces cracking and wrinkles in leather hides, keeping them supple and strong.

Essential Oils

Lemongrass: A soothing and cleansing essential oil with a lemon-fresh scent and aldehyde compounds that keep surfaces clean.

Tea Tree: An age-old leather conditioning oil that fights mould and adds suppleness to leather’s grain and texture.
Canadian made 100% natural leather lotion and protector
Canadian Beeseal Leather Conditioner & Protector uses natural ingredients to moisturize and create a natural barrier of protection. It is safe for leather, wood, and vegan leather/vinyl products.

To use, simply:
  1. Apply Beeseal Leather Conditioner & Protector on clean, dry footwear using a soft rag or brush.
  2. Remove excess with a fresh, dry cloth
  3. Repeat regularly as needed, and before storing leather items.
Note: Leather conditioner may cause some leather items to darken slightly. Darker leather is hydrated, “healthy” leather, and is considered desirable.
to use canadian beeseal leather conditioner use a smooth cloth

to use canadian beeseal use a soft cloth and in circular motion rub the lotion into the the leather
Use Canadian Beeseal Leather Conditioner & Protector on moccasins, purses, jackets, furniture, saddles, boots, and give your well-loved leather pieces a glow-up with naturally hydrating ingredients and conditioners.
Before and after using Canadian Beeseal leather conditioner and protector
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Canadian Beeseal leather conditioner and protector by The Brown Bear

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