The Gift of Groundedness
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Connecting with the earth’s energy is a natural way to boost wellness.

Earthing or “grounding” techniques help to stabilize our bodies and improve vital functions like sleep, immunity, circulation, and mood —just to name a few.
Snow covered rural scene westport ontario
But it’s not as easy to get grounded when winter sets in. Snow and sub-zero temperatures prevent us from walking outdoors in bare feet or lightweight earthing shoes, which is the simplest way to connect.

Fortunately, there is now a diverse selection of products available to help practice earthing indoors. Whether working or relaxing — even sleeping — the life-changing benefits of grounding can be enjoyed from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
Earthing grounding products for indoors

Earthing Sleep Pad Set

Made with 100% conductive carbon tech material, the Earthing Sleep Pad fits over your mattress, and plugs into a grounded outlet, connecting to the earth’s energy via your home’s wiring. Simply cover with your usual bedding (natural fibers are recommended over synthetic) and prepare for a healing, grounded sleep.
Sleep Pad for earthing that you put on your bed underneath your covers
The Earthing Sleep Pad Set contains: sleep pad, 15 ft. grounding cord, outlet checker, continuity tester, and user guide.

Earthing Footrest

Grounded, cushioned comfort at work or at leisure. Place the Earthing Footrest under your desk or in front of your favourite armchair. The snap-in cord plugs into a grounded outlet, which carries a grounded charge to be absorbed through your feet.
Earthing footrest grounded indoors

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