Ballerina Moccasins 2.0
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Ballerina moccasins are a growing trend — and for good reason! Soft, classic, and stylish, wearing them seems to re-connect us with what is simple and best. Devotees of this casual but beautiful footwear include yoga and meditation enthusiasts, minimalists, influencers, and comfort mavens.
Ballerina Moccasins
Most ballet-style moccasin flats are either designed for indoor wear, or as an earthing shoe, with a thin leather sole. That type of “barefoot” shoe enables you to truly feel the ground beneath your feet, but can’t be worn on harsh surfaces, such as pavement or concrete.

Due to an increase in popularity and demand, these moccasin slippers are graduating from indoor to outdoor wear with the addition of a new, crepe rubber outsole!
Ballet Moccasins for outdoors with crepe rubber sole
Laurentian Chief’s Ballerina Moccasins are handcrafted in Canada with authentic caribou hide in rich, creamy tan. Classic details include rawhide laces and a traditional hand-stitched centre seam. The heart and soul of these slip-on flats is in the supple, leather interior and padded insole. Once you slide your foot into the cushioned, suede softness, you’ll quickly understand why this is a trending footwear, and never want to take them off. With their new, lightweight exterior sole, you won’t have to!
Ballerina Laurentian Chief Moccasins with rubber sole for outdoor use
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