Beads & Butterflies
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It’s Spring!

Time to fully emerge from our cold weather cocoons, shed our layers, and greet the sunshine!

It feels so good to put away heavy winter boots in favor of lighter shoes. Warmer temperatures and the hum of bees in the lilacs can make you feel like soaring away on the breeze...

Like a butterfly!
Stylish pair of women's moccasin flats by Manitobah Mukluk with cute beading.
Beaded Butterfly Flats by Manitobah were created in this spirit. They are soft, flexible, slip-on shoes that don’t weigh you down, and are easily packed when traveling or on the go.

Made with full-grain nubuck leather, with contrasting stitching and bows, these flats combine whimsy and comfort for a look that is both fun and fresh. Each pair features a geometrical beaded butterfly motif, and rubber outdoor sole.
Native-style beadwork by Beadwork designed by Nimíipuu artist Mikailah Thompson on a pair of butterfly flat moccasin shoes.
Like Spring, the butterfly is a universal symbol of rebirth and transformation. Nimíipuu (Afro- Indigenous) artisan Mikailah Thompson has designed the beadwork with her own history and background in mind:

"Rooted in my culture, I intricately bead subtle elements of nimíipuu and African designs into the pieces I create. Each bead, each stitch, serves as a profound homage to the legacy of my ancestors—honoring their stories, traditions, and resilience. Most of my designs are geometric, a traditional influence that inspires a lot of my work. I really love bold designs and patterns that tell their own stories.”
Meet the Butterfly Flat a perfect ode to springtime elegance crafted with luxurious full-grain nubuck leather.
In addition to the durable brushed leather exterior, Manitobah’s Butterfly Flats are elasticized on the sides for a cozy fit. These ballet-style shoes are easy to slip on, but hug your feet so they don’t slip off. As a specially unique detail, their signature Turtle outsoles have been designed by Cree artist Heather Endall.
As a specially unique detail of these butterfly flats is their signature Turtle outsoles have been designed by Cree artist Heather Endall.

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