Beanie or Toque?
Introducing new Brown Bear merch for winter!

Colourful, classic knitted hats are the latest accessory to feature the distinctive Brown Bear logo. But is this trendy style considered a toque or a beanie? And what’s the difference, anyway?
Pretty blonde woman wearing a beaning winter hat with a bear embroidered on front
In Canada, it is said the “toque” derives its name from the French-Canadian tuque, a type of the old-fashioned woollen nightcap from the 19th century. Sometimes French and Métis fur traders of this era would wear these long caps during the day in winter months for extra warmth.

In the US, a toque-style hat is more popularly known as a “beanie.” Urban legend says it comes from the word bean having been used as a slang term for “head.”
Man in the snow holding a winter hat beanie with a brown bear embroidered on it
Essentially, there is no real difference between a toque and a beanie! Both are described as a soft, brimless knit cap that hugs the head, and often has a little excess material at the top to give it shape, or else hang down.

Whatever your preference, our new Brown Bear hats will keep you warm, cozy, and on-trend throughout the coldest months of the year.
Knit toque with Brown Bear embroidery on front with fur coat
Made with soft-spun, stretchable acrylic, the Brown Bear toque is unisex in design and fits snugly. It comes in a variety of classic colours to complement your cold-weather style for skating, skiing or snowshoeing. And whether you’re Team Toque or Team Beanie, in the winter, everyone is a hat person!
Group of kids in the snow wearing matching hoodies and hats
With our signature Brown Bear logo embroidered on the knitted band, you can commemorate our 3-generation Canadian family business and take your place within the tradition of the toque! (Or beanie.)

The Brown Bear knit hat is available in Brown, Grey, Beige, Brown, and Light Blue. One size fits most. Order online today!
Variety of 4 Brown Bear Knit Beanies for Purchase

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