Cold Feet, Warm Heart
Some people are just cold feet people. It’s a thing! And there are lots of reasons why... Sometimes a change in weather takes us by surprise. Sometimes we’ve been out in the elements. Sometimes it’s a health or circulation issue. Whatever the cause, finding a cozy way to warm your toes is always welcome.

Our new sheepskin double foot muff is a fun way to take the chill off! Whether you’re on the couch, in your home office, or even around the campfire, this shearling-lined foot warmer will keep cold feet at bay all winter long.
Sheepskin Foot Muff Sitting Cozy with feet in foot warmer
There are many variations of cold feet. Which is your type?

The “I Should Have Worn Socks Today” cold feet

When it’s the end of October and you’re still wearing shorts and sandals. (Canadians, I’m looking at you.)

The “I Need Another Cup of Tea” cold feet

When you just need a little more hygge in your life.
Navy sheepskin snuggly foot warmer wooly foot muff with nylon exterior
The “I Refuse To Turn the Furnace On Yet” cold feet

Winter is coming and you’re not ready. Winter chills = winter bills.

The “I Was Outside Playing in the Snow” cold feet

Skating, snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing, hockey, snow-fort building...

The “Let’s Snuggle” cold feet

When your partner’s warm-blooded and you’re not, it’s fun to ice them out with your frozen toes.
couple snuggling together on couch with cozy sheepskin foot warmers muffs
The “I’ve Got the Sniffles” cold feet

For man-colds and other serious afflictions!

The “It Took Me Two Hours to Shovel the Driveway” cold feet

When you know it’s going to take you several hours to thaw out.

The “I Always Have Cold Feet” cold feet

When you’re just that person.
Sitting on the couch with a burgundy snuggly foot warmer sheepskin muff
With a nylon outer shell and leather base, the double foot muff is fully lined with 100% thick, sheepskin wool. Sheepskin is renowned for its natural insulating properties and breathable fibres, so your feet stay warm and dry without moisture and odour. It also improves circulation and eases muscle pain. Shearling wool is organically anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, staying clean and naturally fresh.
Velcro strap on sheepskin snuggly feet warmer foot muff
The sheepskin foot warmer is luxuriously plush and cozy, with adjustable velcro straps and lots of room to slide your feet in and out... perfect for relaxing on the couch or even sitting at a desk while you work.

Whatever your “type” of cold feet, this sheepskin double foot muff will warm your heart — and your toes!

Available in Burgundy or Navy Blue. Order online for quick and convenient delivery:
Couple sitting on a couch with Navy and Burgundy matching sheepskin snuggly feet warmer foot muffs

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