Earthing On The Move
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Regular exercise is one of the best ways to maintain both mental and physical health. So, if you’re a runner (or dedicated walker), chances are, staying active is part of your personal wellness regimen.

But are you getting everything you can out of your run? There may be a way to maximize your activity for additional benefits such as increased energy, performance, and general well-being.
Get the most out of your jogs and walks with our new earthing runners
Earthing - or “grounding” - is the practice of connecting our bodies directly with the earth’s natural surface. This occurs when we walk barefoot on the sand or grass and swim in lakes or oceans. The earth’s natural magnetic field has been scientifically proven to stabilize the human nervous system as well as stimulate healing and healthy cellular activity. This energy exchange also neutralizes free radicals, the unstable atoms in the body that cause illness and accelerate aging, therefore strengthening the immune system.
Conductive Rubber Sole Running Shoes for Earthing
Wearing earthing footwear can also create a grounding connection. Earthing Runners are designed to conduct the earth’s electrons while running or walking, helping you stay grounded while on the move.

The Earthing Runner is designed with EGS (Electronic Grounding System) technology. It is constructed with multiple layers of conductive materials between the bottom of the sole and underside of the foot, promoting absorption of the earth’s electrons into your body.
EGS-TEC Grounding Earthing Shoes Diagram

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