Elevate Your Yoga Practice
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“Yoga is not something that you do. Yoga is something that you become. It is a tremendous tool for transformation.” - Sadhguru

The philosophy of yoga goes beyond the poses and unifies mind, body, and spirit. Through the practice of yoga, we not only connect with ourselves, we transcend ourselves, achieving a state of serenity and peace. We become “grounded.”

Likewise, earthing (or grounding) occurs when we make physical contact with the Earth’s surface, by walking barefoot, swimming, lying in the grass, etc. Our bodies absorb natural electrons, which stabilize and energize our nervous system, and introduce new patterns of healing and wellness, mentally and physically.
yoga stretching on grounding earthing mat
Earthing and yoga both have the potential to liberate your spirit from the material world. Uniting the two with a grounding yoga mat will optimize both practices and contribute to even greater benefits.

An earthing yoga mat is a 24” x 72” conductive pad with a grounding cable for use inside or out. When indoors, simply attach the cord to the button on the mat, and plug it into the bottom receptacle of a grounded outlet.
being grounded and earthing indoors on a mat
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