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Getting out on the trail for a hike or a forest walk is great for the mind and body. Spring is here, and what better way to shake off the winter “blahs” than with a trek in the fresh air!

A walk in nature not only boosts our fitness levels, but it improves our mental health. Unplugging from our daily lives and devices helps to lower stress, alleviate depression, and center ourselves in challenging times.

Adding grounding to this practice introduces an even deeper level of connection with the Earth.
Evergreen Grounding Trail Shoes by HARMONY783
In recent years, continuing studies have proven the positive effects of the Earth’s electromagnetic field on the human body. When we physically make contact with the ground by walking barefoot (or in grounding footwear), sitting, swimming, etc., we conduct electrons from nature into our body. Research shows this results in a wide range of health benefits. Connecting with nature through earthing leads to improved sleep, faster healing, reduced inflammation, and many other happy side effects.

Most shoes are made with synthetic materials or outsoles that block conductivity, and deprive us of that earthing connection. When it comes to hiking footwear, this becomes a major missing piece in the outdoor experience.

Evergreen Grounding Trail Shoes by HARMONY783 provide the best of both worlds: specialized design for superior comfort and traction, and eco-friendly materials for grounding while you hike.
Evergreen Grounding Trail Shoes by HARMONY783
The uppers are made with handsome, deep green nubuck leather and dark blue mesh to promote air flow and breathability. Lined with soft jersey and accented with antique brass eyelets, these shoes also feature exciting new GroundworksTM technology.

What is GroundworksTM ?

Evergreen Grounding Shoes are designed to be fully conductive, via eco-friendly, algae-based footbeds and midsoles, and outsoles made with carbon and rubber. These materials facilitate the flow of the Earth’s electrons through the foot and into your body, allowing you to experience the benefits of grounding as you walk.
grounding eco-friendly, algae-based footbeds and midsoles for earthing
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