Ground Yourself
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Introducing grounding practices into your life is one of the simplest yet most rewarding commitments you can make to your health and wellbeing. It can be done organically outdoors at virtually no cost, or enjoyed indoors with products based on your preference, routine, or investment. Best of all, there are no negative side effects!

A grounded connection is made when the body aligns with the Earth’s electromagnetic field and absorbs naturally occurring free electrons. This effect is a powerful antioxidant and healing influence, stimulating healthy cellular activity and neutralizing free radicals.

10 Ways to Ground Yourself Daily Indoor and Out

1) Sleep grounded with sleep pads or fitted sheets

Sleep grounded with an earthing fitted sheet and enjoy deep restful sleep
Ideally, people spend 8 hours a day sleeping (more or less.) With grounded bedding like mattress pads, sheets, and pillow cases, you can spend that time boosting your wellness by earthing while you dream.

2) Do your morning exercises on a grounded yoga mat

doing exercise grounded with a earthing yoga mat
Take your yoga sequences to the next level with a mat that plugs into a grounded outlet. If used outdoors, it can plug directly into the ground.

3) Read or work with a grounding pad

Do your work while you are earthing with a grounding desk pad
Get grounded while you work (or read) by placing a grounding mat under your feet (Note: you must be barefoot or wearing non-synthetic or grounding footwear.)

4) At your desk - use a grounded mouse pad or desk mat

Ease muscle tension with a grounded silver-threaded earthing mouse pad

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