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Natural leather moccasins for earthing help you stay healthy and grounded by better connecting with nature. We had a husband and wife team review our men’s and women’s Fringed Moose Hide Moccasins.

Handcrafted in Canada by Laurentian Chief, these are designed as a “barefoot” shoe for indoor use, or outdoor grounding practices.


Out of the Box:
opening a box of men's Laurentian Chief Canadian moccasins
“The appeal, first of all, is the classic Laurentian Chief packaging. You know exactly what you’re getting... you’re getting quality, you’re getting craftsmanship. These moccasins are clearly well made. It’s really reflected in the stitching along the bottom and the vamp.”
quality moccasins excellent craftsmanship made in Canada
“I like the fringe. The fringe is nice, and the Laurentian Chief logo embossed on the front. It really reflects on the style of a traditional moccasin. The rawhide laces are a nice touch."

“The leather is soft... it’s pliable, it’s flexible. They’re a neutral colour that will go with pretty much everything that you’d wear. For me, typically, I would wear these with blue jeans. You could probably even wear them with shorts.”

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