If the Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits

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When it comes to the work of daily living, people often talk about “wearing a lot of hats” in terms of roles they take on or tasks to perform. This is true, but it may also be said that many of us also wear a lot of shoes.

Shoes fit us out for whatever road we need to travel. Whether we’re strolling down the garden path or marching into battle, it’s our feet that take us where we need to go. This past year, because of the pandemic, our journey has been a little different. Instead of venturing out to take our place in the world, we’ve been asked to retreat and make our circle a little smaller. In some cases, we’ve altered the framework of our entire lives to accommodate this request. It has been a time of less structure, but more stress; we’ve had to be adaptable, yet sequestered.
playing chess indoor activities during covid in cozy slippers
Obviously, we need the right pair of shoes to fit this unusual, housebound adventure; something both comfortable and comforting, something as versatile as we have had to be. And is it too much to ask for a little style, as well... even if no one sees us but the cat?

Laurentian Chief’s Apache Moccasin Boots will take you places even when you don’t have anywhere to go.
Laurentian Chief fringed moccasin boots cork brown leather
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