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Once upon a time, my husband and I put away a bottle of our favourite wine. We had purchased it from a particular vineyard during a special weekend early in our relationship. It was a limited edition vintage for that year, so we decided to save an extra bottle to open and enjoy on our 10th wedding anniversary.

We kept that bottle carefully through two moves, the birth of our son, career milestones, and landmark birthdays. Eventually, the 10 year anniversary arrived. We took a little trip and carefully packed the bottle of wine to bring with us.
Enjoying a glass of red wine with a pair of burgundy colored moccasin slippers
When we finally popped the cork, we discovered it had spoiled and turned to vinegar! But we had learned a valuable lesson: Don’t postpone your enjoyment of something, because you may not get another chance.

Have you ever saved something for a particular occasion?
  • Your great-grandmother’s china
  • That dress
  • Those earrings
  • The fancy guest towels
  • The good champagne
  • Expensive perfume
  • Designer shoes
Please don’t deny yourself the experience these lovely things! Savour them, use them, wear them.
Cup of tea and cozy slippers
When you think about it, these are more than just luxury items we “save up” to use at the “perfect” time — these are promises we make to ourselves. When we don’t follow up on these promises, it sends a message that we don’t deserve them, or that we can’t be trusted to appreciate them.

The truth is... there is no perfect time. We should be creating moments to incorporate special things into our lives on a regular basis, not looking for excuses not to.

In this spirit, Laurentian Chief has introduced their limited edition Thunderbird Rabbit Fur Indoor Moccasins for women.
Thunderbird Beaded Rabbit Fur Authentic Moccasins Slippers Made in Canada
Seeing them for the first time, I was struck by their luxurious softness, rich colour, and exquisite beadwork. These are the kind of slippers you could easily default into thinking are too nice to use every day, and you’d be wrong! They’re too nice NOT to use every day!

Moccasin slippers are designed to adapt to your personal footprint over time; comfortable, durable, and timeless in style, they are made to become a part of your daily life. They are made to be worn and enjoyed.
Moccasin Slippers for Indoors with Real Rabbit Fur Collar

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