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NEOS has upgraded the cleat design on their most durable, high-calibre overshoes.

If you’re someone who works outdoors in harsh weather conditions, you need rugged, slip- resistant footwear to keep you productive and safe, and cleated outsoles are proven to provide the toughest grip. NEOS has had the market cornered on weatherproof overshoes for over 20 years, but they’ve recently stepped it up another notch with their new Glacier Trek™ SPK cleated technology.
Glacier Trek technology neos overshoes
Overshoes are an excellent all-season solution to extreme and changeable weather. Unisex in style and available in a wide range of sizes, they slip over your existing shoes or boots to protect you from the elements and keep you stable in slippery conditions.
Neos Overshoes in the snow protection
Cleated styles add extra traction and performance in the very worst ice and snow, making them the preferred footwear for occupational users. Previous NEOS designs had cleats around the perimeter of the outsole only... The new and improved Glacier Trek™ SPK design features 16 non-corrosive cleats per outsole, evenly distributed under the entire base of the overshoe to ensure maximum foothold.
special cleats on the bottom of Neos Glacier Trek ice cleats
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Mike Osborne

Mike Osborne

These are still not available?

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