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Wireless technology has expanded quickly and broadly over the past decade; so quickly, in fact, it has overtaken the corresponding science of health and safety, leaving research behind to play catch-up.

Although mainstream sources claim there is no risk, scientific studies in this area are still ongoing. We know man-made EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) radiating from Wifi and Bluetooth devices can be problematic. Some reports indicate EMFs can create disturbances in our mood and sleep patterns, affecting our cognitive performance, concentration, and nerve function.
Bioband blog EMFs while playing video games
We also know that children absorb higher levels of EMF than adults. In truth, with so many conflicting and inconclusive reports, it is difficult to know exactly what the long-term impact on our health might be.
quote by Dr. Laura Koniver

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Interestingly, the US military is currently conducting a two-year project on electromagnetic fields in the cockpit and the possible effects on pilots.

“... the Pentagon is admitting a disturbing possibility: that cockpit radiation may be affecting the mental judgment of pilots so badly that it’s causing them to crash their aircraft.” - Forbes, September 2020. Access the full Forbes article here: click here.
Enenrgydot and bioband for EMF protection and shielding
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