Put On Your Walking Shoes
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It can be tough to stay grounded in a complicated world. The mind and body can accumulate a lot of stress, and getting outdoors for a walk in the fresh air is an excellent way to let some of it go.

Grounding while you walk, in a handsome pair of black leather walkers is even better.

Grounding (also known as “earthing”) occurs when we directly connect with the earth’s surface. Barefoot or bare skin contact with soil, sand, water, trees, rocks, or grass causes natural electrons to flow into our bodies, rejuvenating our circulatory and nervous systems, and reducing free radicals. Continuing research shows that grounding triggers healing and stabilizing benefits that can lead to a number of healthy side effects, including improved sleep, decreased pain and inflammation, and better circulation.
Shoes for earthing
Average, non-grounding shoes are fabricated with synthetic materials that block the flow of the earth’s natural energy, but Men’s Leather Grounding Walkers by Harmony783 are designed and engineered especially for earthing. Made with conductive components and special patented Groundworks™ technology, the carbon and rubber outsoles enable electrons to be fully absorbed into the shoe. The microfiber footbeds are stitched with 99.99% pure silver thread for further conductivity.
Harmony 783 men's earthing shoes technology
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