Return of the "House Shoe"
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House shoes, a.k.a. slippers, are making a comeback. Have you noticed? It’s a trend that started before Covid-19, and then snowballed as more people began self-isolating and working from home. With our new shelter-in-place relaxed dress code, slippers have quickly taken their place as the new wardrobe staple — especially this winter.

Slippers and house shoes have a way of helping us leave the outside world at our door, which is something you very much want to do when living through a pandemic!
Grey felt slippers for women
When it’s cold outside, house shoes let us pad around gently in soft soles, our feet cozy and warm and comfortable. Felted wool slippers are particularly satisfying to wear, with their Nordic-inspired look and feel. Soft and snug, they provide flexible comfort with every step.

These grey felted wool booties for women are made in Poland by Pantofli Filcowych. Designed with European craftsmanship and materials, they have a simple, neutral style, with navy blue trim at the ankle and heel. The plush wool lining luxuriously cushions your feet, and the velcro strap adds to their easy-on/easy-off convenience.
felt slippers with warm wool lining
warm women's slippers felt with wool lining
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