Stay Stable, Stay Safe
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As winter approaches and settles in, temperatures and precipitation can change quickly — especially in Canada. It’s not uncommon to start out ready for one type of weather, only to find yourself battling completely different conditions later on in the very same day!
K1 mid-sole ice cleats for shoes and boots
When it comes to being prepared, sometimes it’s all or nothing.

This happens most often with shoes. A pair of flats or loafers or runners are fine on dry surfaces, even in cold weather. But once snow falls, or sleet turns surfaces icy, you’re at risk of slipping and falling, perhaps even injuring yourself.
K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats
The K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleat is the perfect accessory for uncertain weather conditions in the winter months.
convenient K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats for shoes traction
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