Step In Those Blue Suede Shoes
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We all know that walking is some of the most healthful exercise there is. It’s gentle on your body, you can go at your own pace, and it gets you outdoors in the fresh air. Maybe you’re lucky and have a dog you can take with you for company. In today’s world, with so much emphasis on screens and technology, going outside to reconnect with nature is more important than ever.

With the right pair of walking shoes, this experience can be energized even more. Women’s Grounding Walkers by Harmony783 take comfort and style a step further with patented earthing technology, so you can experience the benefits of grounding while enjoying your daily stroll.
Blue suede Harmony783 earthing shoes
Grounding (also known as “earthing”) refers to when our feet or bodies have direct contact with the earth and its natural elements, via soil, sand, water, trees, rocks, or grass. This contact allows us to absorb the earth’s electrons and be stabilized and rejuvenated by this natural energy. Research has shown that earthing initiates many positive and self-healing changes in the body, including pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, and better circulation.
earthing connecting to earth barefoot
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