Sweet Deal on Men’s Mules
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Guys, you’ve got a whole new season ahead of you. Time to get some awesome new summer shoes at an excellent price!

Social events are picking up again, and you’re going to need to update your look. Why not re- enter society with some style, and an additional earthing element, as well?

Men’s Copper Rivet Mules by Boho are now on Clearance!

European in design, these slip-on shoes are an urban classic for the coming summer months. The upper and footsole are made entirely with leather; they are a “zero-drop” shoe, which means they are created to promote a natural gait and posture.
Men’s Copper Rivet Mules by Boho
Known as a minimalist shoe, Boho mules for men have a dense leather outsole that is fitted with a copper rivet for earthing. Earthing is often accomplished by walking barefoot, or having direct contact with the ground. But copper is a highly conductive metal that allows the Earth’s electrons to flow freely through the shoe, to be absorbed by your bare feet. Earthing - during which our body’s cells are energized and stabilized by the Earth’s naturally occurring electrons - has been scientifically proven to enhance both mental and physical wellness.
Men's Mules Shoes European in design slip-on shoes are an urban classic
Shoes for earthing are worth a little extra, so it’s great to get a deal on a special pair of mules like these. In classic black, with easy on/off convenience, timeless styling, and added conductivity, these shoes are the perfect summer staple. Originally priced at $126.50, Boho’s genuine leather Copper Rivet Mules for Men are now $86.45, for a limited time.
Men's Mules Shoes European in design slip-on shoes are an urban classic
Available for online order now, in Men’s sizes 40-46. For additional information, please visit:


This season, invest in a pair of upgraded, handsome summer mules and enjoy the benefits of earthing whenever you wear them on a natural surface. Look good, feel even better!
Men’s Copper Rivet Mules by Boho

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