The Hygge Life
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Hygge is a Scandinavian ideology that has been trending in North America for the past several years. The word (pronounced hyoo-ga) entered our vernacular like a beacon, just when we needed it.
Hygge Scandinavian Sheepskin boots
It means, the quality of coziness, evoking a sense of happy contentment, and conviviality. With Norwegian and Danish roots, the hygge lifestyle grew out of creating warm, welcoming interiors with lots of pillows and blankets and candles to offset the long, dark polar nights in that part of the world.
Cozy fall décor twinkling lights candles and pumpkin
Feelings of hygge can be sought and enjoyed all year long, but the colder months is when we need it most. A chunky scarf and a mug of hot tea become a ritual in self-care. The right sweater feels like a hug. Is there anything better than curling up in front of the fire with good book on a stormy afternoon? More than just a trend, hygge is a philosophy to be lived and practiced for true comfort.

When you have to venture out of doors in cold weather, sheepskin boots help you take that cozy, indoor hygge feeling with you. And they look as good as they feel.
sheepskin boots with stylish antler toggle button as a side closure

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