When Life Keeps You On Your Toes
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I’m at an age now when my feet get pretty tired by the end of the day. Sometimes when I look back and think of everything they’ve been through, I’m grateful they still support me as well as they do!

I was barefoot during most of my childhood summers, on grass and gravel alike.

Then came adolescence with long hours working my first jobs in retail, as a cashier at a grocery store, and then waiting tables.

My 20s brought trendy shoes with heels and pointy toes, at the office and for going out on the weekends. (True story: I once broke my foot while dancing at a party and didn’t realize it until two weeks later!)

In my 30s came pregnancy, after which my feet went up a size, and there’s not a lot of time to sit down when you’re a busy mother!
Footlogix Pediceuticals Comfeeze Sandals
Later, a return to work meant more days standing or walking on hard floors, combined with fluctuating weight, a mild bunion, and the occasional ache along the fault-line of that old fracture.

In the last decade, I’ve learned to treat my feet a little kinder by wearing shoes with a wider fit, having regular pedicures, and... earthing! I’ve discovered how much basic therapeutic practices can not only alleviate foot-related conditions, but help bring the whole body into better alignment.
Footlogix Comfeeze toe separating sandals
Footlogix Pediceuticals™ combines all of these therapies into one unique sandal.

Comfeeze Earthing Sandals are podiatrist-designed to provide arch support, improve balance, and enhance circulation. With their 5-toe separators, deep heel cup, and shock-absorbent sole, they are the ultimate post-run or post-workout recovery sandal. The ergonomic shape and gently textured surface help to ease tired feet and legs, while coaxing the toes wider for a firmer natural gait.
Comfeeze Earthing Sandals are podiatrist-designed to provide arch support, improve balance, and enhance circulation.
The toe separators are also perfect for pedicures! Comfeeze sandals are a staple for aesthetics at the spa or treatments at home, keeping toes safely apart for foot and nail care. After applying polish, I love that I don’t have to unwind limp pieces of kleenex from between my toes anymore. No more smudges!
Painting your toe nails with toe separating sandals.

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