Energydots smartDOT
Energydots smartDOT
Energydots smartDOT
Energydots smartDOT
Energydots smartDOT
Energydots smartDOT
Energydots smartDOT
Energydots smartDOT

Energydots smartDOT

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While we are strong advocates of the digital detox, it’s not always easy to switch off. That’s why we’ve created EMF protection device, smartDOT, which is programmed to retune electromagnetic frequencies emitted by your wireless devices. This, in turn, has been reported to help us to feel more energized, better focused and less stressed. Affix a smartDOT to your favorite gadgets. Please enjoy reading our blog post about the smartDOT and other energyDOT products "Get Smart".

In our always-on wireless world, we seem to be becoming increasingly wired and tired. For information on the 5G Network click here. Wireless radiation (EMF) is emitted by all our favorite devices, from smartphones, tablets and laptops to Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors and games consoles. Compatible with wireless device brands such as; Apple®, Samsung®, Huawei®, Microsoft®, Google®, Sony®, Nokia®, LG®, Motorola®, Alcatel® and more. smartDOT® is a precaution from the potential health effects linked to electromagnetic frequencies and has been tested through double-blind testing using red blood cell microscopies and medical thermal imaging.

All the energydots are programmed using a proprietary digital programming process.  We have a propriety ‘recording’ system.  The structure of each dot is made from magnetic sheeting and when that is exposed to the frequencies it stores them and radiates them continuously.  The particular mix of frequencies for each type of DOT is different i.e. a bioDOT is programmed with different frequencies to the smartDOT.  All frequencies used are natural highly coherent frequencies that work by the process known as The Law of Entrainment to retune less coherent frequencies that they come into contact with. 

The smartDOT® EMF Protection device uses independently tested technology and is designed to retune the potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by your wireless devices

  • smartDOT® Radiation Protection by energydots® is a low-powered magnet packed with a high-powered punch. Programmed with an intelligent combination of harmonising frequencies, smartDOT is designed to retune EMFs emitted by your device to a safer level for your body to absorb.
  • smartDOT® is universal. Attach to your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, Wi-Fi router, baby monitor, games consoles, cordless home phone or other wireless devices.
  • smartDOT® has an operating radius of 1 meter. Peel back the adhesive cover and attach to any wireless devices that are used near you, your family or your furry friends and enjoy.
  • The smartDOT® retains its programming indefinitely, so does not need replacing.
  • smartDOT®’s ultra-thin profile makes using your device as comfortable as possible.
  • EMF protection doesn’t have to be unappealing. smartDOT’s sleek and colourful design means it’s a welcome addition to any of your beloved devices.
  • Designed, programmed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.
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