biopulse technology logoThe biopulse technology® developed in Switzerland emits weak electronic impulses that disturb the biting behavior of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes perceive these signals via their sensoric organs and process them in the mosquito brain. An instinct anchored in the mosquito's DNA leads to behavioral changes. Mosquitoes show a suppressed biting behavior or escape reaction. Unlike chemical stimuli, the mosquito can not get used to these electronic stimuli, which affect their natural self-protection mechanism.  The effectiveness in the reduction of the risk of mosquito bites through nopixgo® has been successfully tested in the laboratory and outdoors in many different countries with various climatic conditions. Our testing has discovered that some people, under particular situations, will have mosquitos biting while wearing the wristband, but in the mornings there is no bite, no itch, and no sign they were bitten. We consciously took note of those not wearing the wristband being aggressively bitten with lasting effects. Please note, results may vary with individuals, as many people are not bothered at all by mosquitos when wearing the wristband. Please read our product reviews for further information.

Please note, this device does not repel mosquitoes, it changes their biting behaviour.  The mosquitoes might still hover around you and even land.  If they do bite, they do not leave any poison.