Men's Avalanche Wool Socks

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No need to fear the cold anymore! Put on these thermal outdoor socks before stepping outside. The Avalanche model is a fully cushioned sock that will keep your feet warm, while providing arch and ankle support. Wool, a natural and renewable material, is renowned for its exceptional warmth and breathability. These characteristics have made wool a staple in creating high-quality thermal wear. Wool fibers have a unique structure that allows them to retain heat, providing natural insulation in cold conditions. This means our wool socks not only keep your feet warm but also manage moisture, preventing sweat build-up which can lead to discomfort and cold feet. Additionally, wool fibers are naturally resilient, giving our socks long-lasting durability. That's why these Canadian made wool socks are not just a purchase, they're an investment in comfort and warmth. These socks are crafted from a blend of 60% wool, 17% nylon, 10% acrylic, 10% polypropylene, and 3% spandex. They have a heat index of 3/4.
Duray Socks Logo Duray socks are Canadian made. All Duray products are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Duray socks specialize in woolen products. The result: soft, cushy socks with a rustic knit, perfect for harsh winter conditions. Duray adds Nylon to their wool socks for ultimate durability. During the carding process, other fibres are added to the wool, and colour blends are created. Next to wool, the most important fibre is undeniably nylon. Duray adds nylon to all of their socks, as it has the specific characteristic of making knits more durable. This ensures that the socks retain their strength and shape throughout their lifetime.

A family-run business and a source of local pride, Duray has been making socks for over 75 years. Their product, the authentic woolen sock, is the result of perfecting over three generations of know-how. Made entirely in Canada, in two factories in Princeville, Québec. Their unionized employees are involved in every aspect of production, from carding raw wool to inspecting the final product by hand. They are committed to quality work, and are the heart of the company’s continued success.
You can have peace of mind placing them in the washing machine and dryer if you follow these tips:
• Wash in water not exceeding 40 °C in a domestic or commercial machine at a normal setting.
• Do not bleach.
• Tumble-dry low heat (maximum 55 °C) at a permanent press setting.
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