Women's Earthing Butterfly Flat Moccasins

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deeply rooted in Indigenous heritage since 1997
Manitobah Mukluks, founded in 1997 by a young Métis entrepreneur, Sean McCormick, is a company deeply rooted in Indigenous heritage, offering authentic, high-quality footwear inspired by traditional mukluks and moccasins. Their products are not only stylish and durable but also serve as a celebration of Indigenous culture and craftsmanship. They strongly emphasize community and sustainability, employing Indigenous artisans and contributing to preserving Indigenous arts and traditions through their Storyboot School and other initiatives to keep traditional arts alive and thriving. Choosing Manitobah Mukluks means investing in quality footwear that carries a meaningful story and supports cultural preservation and environmental sustainability.

Protection: Use a silicone-based leather/suede protector. Do not spray fur, as it contains natural protective oils. We offer a protecting spray as part of our recommended Care Kit.

To Clean: Leather can be cleaned using a gentle soap and soft brush. For salt, wipe down with a damp cloth. Even if they have been sprayed, salt is corrosive and can cause damage.

To Dry: Once wet, allow your footwear to dry naturally.

Wear: Never pull fur when putting on or removing boot, fur sheds over time and frequent friction will cause the fur to shed much faster. Cross laces over before tightening to avoid tearing leather eyeholes.

Storage: When ready to store them for the season you should clean them, allow them to dry and then pack them away in a sealed container away from heat, moisture and pets (a plastic storage tote works great.) You can also use a pool noodle or something similar in the shaft to keep them upright during storage.

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