A Boot for All Seasons
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When my husband and I moved from the suburbs to our rural home five years ago, we knew things would be different.

We went from having a small corner property with a few shrubs and flowers to six acres of untouched forest. The only wildlife we had been used to seeing were squirrels and the odd raccoon on garbage day. Now we have families of deer that visit us almost every day.

Our new home in the country is over 130 years old. Immediately, we had to adjust to new challenges and chores that now included: splitting and stacking logs for the wood stove, maintaining a steep, gravel driveway several hundred feet long, and a crumbling carriage house that looks like something out of a horror movie (and is evidently a time-share for possums and porcupines.)
Unisex Mudder Tall Muck Boot by The Original Muck Boot Company
I guess what I’m saying is: there’s a lot more outdoor work than we were used to — necessary seasonal maintenance that occurs in all kinds of weather.

My husband does the lion’s share, for which I am eternally grateful, but the key to both our efforts is having the right gear, which essentially means: proper boots. When you commit to rural living, you really have to give it everything you’ve got, and the right Muck® boot is the difference between being all in, or having one foot out the door.
Unisex Mudder™ Tall Muck Boot by The Original Muck Boot Company®
The Unisex Mudder™ Tall Muck Boot by The Original Muck Boot Company® is one such boot.

Designed and tested for superior traction and maximum slip resistance, the Mudder™ is the best option for slick, slushy, or muddy conditions. It is 100% waterproof and 100% Muckproof®. The back of this boot is customized to retain its fit by gripping the ankle to reduce heel slippage. My husband loves this feature, which prevents losing a boot in marshy or heavily sodden areas.
wading water in a pair of mudder muck boots
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