Moccasins At Home
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Working remotely from home as I do, moccasin slippers have become an integral part of my day — mostly because I don’t have a formal office space. I tend to find myself carting my laptop around from room to room on the daily in order to find a quiet place not already in use by other members of my family.

Because I live in a 130-year old house, each space can sometimes feel like a completely different climate or environment, so a good pair of indoor moccasins comes in handy!
Working remotely on a comfortable sofa with Native moccasin slippers
At times, I work on the living room sofa — but my toes tend to get cold, even in the summer. Laurentian Chief’s suede moccasins have a velvety interior that is luxuriously gentle against my bare feet. They provide just enough coziness without overheating.

When I need to move my work station to the kitchen island, the padded insole of my indoor mocs softens each step on the hard tile floor, and cushions the arches of my feet as I perch on a stool, typing away at my keyboard.
A comfy pair of indoor moccasin slippers on tile
In really nice weather, I take my laptop out on the screened-in porch. My moccasins are the perfect transition shoe in this space that is not quite indoors, not quite outdoors. Their soft bottom outsole gives me just enough protection underfoot from the floorboards, without having to change into a hard-soled outdoor shoe.
Comfortable pair of indoor moccasins slippers made in Canada from genuine suede leather
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