A Wide Step to Wellness
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Our feet work hard, on the job, at home, in recreation and sports. They carry the weight of our bodies over the course of a lifetime, so we need them to last a lifetime, if possible.

Too tight or ill-fitting shoes are a primary cause of long-term foot problems. When constantly squeezed into uncomfortable footwear, over time, our feet will eventually protest and rebel, resulting in a host of issues, such as bunions, tendonitis, calluses, joint inflammation, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis and more. This can lead to serious chronic pain or necessitate corrective surgery.
Measuring wide-fitting shoesThe shape of your foot in tight fitting shoes
A wider, properly fitted flat shoe, especially one with a zero-drop sole, is the key to building foot and leg muscle strength with less dependency on artificial support.

Boho’s Wide Leather Walkers for Men and Women promote a natural gait, providing room for your toes without constriction, and allowing each footstep to fall naturally as it should. Made with a flexible genuine leather upper and adjustable laces, these shoes have a copper rivet fitted into the bottom sole, making them suitable for earthing.
Wide shoe versus narrow shoe
These are just some of the many benefits of wide-fit zero-drop shoes:


men's wide boho walker earthing shoes

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