The Crossover Chore Boot

The Crossover Chore Boot

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There are chores, and then there are farm chores. Sometimes even a decent pair of rubber boots or work shoes won’t cut it.

The Original Muck Boot Co. has spent years developing a new Barn Leather footwear collection that withstands not only the elements, but the specific conditions associated with work on a farm. And they look amazing! The Chore Farm Leather Chelsea is truly a boot that crosses over from farm stile to high style.
Men's Chore Farm Leather Chelsea Boot by Muck Book Company
“The Chore Farm Leather collection is another example of how Muck continues to strive and innovate for our core farm and agricultural consumer, while also offering a great-looking silhouette that will resonate with just about anyone looking for style, comfort and performance.,” - Xavier Kawula, Sr. Product Manager for Rocky Brands Inc., parent company to The Original Muck Boot Company.

“It was important for us in the development process to provide an innovative leather solution that offers the same high quality and protection as our trusted neoprene and rubber boots.”
Perfect Farm Shoe by Muck Book Company hay bales
With it’s rich, caramel-coloured leather and black accents, the Chore Farm Leather Chelsea Boot for Men is a chore boot in disguise. You see the handsome styling before you notice all the heavy-duty features that make this truly serviceable footwear.
Men's Chore Farm Leather Chelsea Boot by Muck Book Company
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