All the Trimmings
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There’s something about December that feels like a fairy tale to me. Maybe it’s the wonder of the first stray snowflakes that fall. Maybe it’s the coloured lights that start to go up in the neighbourhood.

Everything feels extra storybook-ish at this time of year. Buttoning up my winter coat and snuggling into a deep, thick scarf seems to add to the romance.

Peppermint hot chocolate, holiday music, hats and mitts... It’s a magical time!
Rabbit fur headband and mittens sipping warm coffee in the winter
Genuine fur provides the best insulation in cold weather, and there is nothing more classic than fur-trimmed accessories designed to keep you cozy all season long. A fur headband and trimmed mittens make a particularly striking winter fashion statement.

One of my favourite books is Little Women, and I feel like one of the March sisters wearing these pieces!
Woman wearing rabbit fur headband, white mittens and buffalo plaid scarf in winter
This fashion-forward Canadian-made headband is made with real rabbit fur. Perfect for everything from in-between weather to colder temps, it keeps your ears warm without wearing a hat and frames the face with luxurious softness.
fashion-forward Canadian-made real rabbit fur headband
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