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The planet - and we humans - are naturally bio-electromagnetic. Our bodies and the Earth each have their own electromagnetic fields and when undisturbed, work in healthy tandem with one another. The science and study of grounding practices have proven how beneficial the earth’s energy can be in our lives.

When humanity discovered electricity, we created man-made variants of electric and magnetic fields, introducing new, artificial influences into our environment. Technology has expanded rapidly ever since, ushering in an unprecedented era of high-tech advancement.
Power lines in sky EMF
Today, our world is increasingly dependent on wireless and digital technology: Smartphones, laptops, Bluetooth speakers, cell towers, tablets, baby monitors, retail scanners... the list goes on and on. But the development and use of these Wifi products exposes us all to greater levels of man-made EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) and EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation), also known as RFR (Radiofreqency Radiation.)
person looking at screen with EMF protection hat
Ongoing scientific research into the potentially harmful side effects of EMR/EMFs has yielded conflicting results. Mainstream sources tell us that exposure is harmless, but some studies show links between lengthy EMF exposure and neurological issues. Others identify non- specific symptoms such as disturbances in sleep patterns, concentration, mood, and nerve function under the umbrella of Electromagnetic-Hypersensitivity (EHS). EHS is officially recognized by the World Health Organization. Research has also confirmed that children absorb EMFs at higher levels than adults. It’s concerning.
child playing video games, EMF exposure
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