Animal Magnetism
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Pets are family.

And like any member of the family, we want our pets to be safe, healthy, and comfortable.

When you live with a beloved animal, you recognize quickly that each one has a unique personality and special ways of communicating. You learn the way he or she expresses joy and contentment, as well as pain or stress.
Picture of two golden doodles a black and a blonde one
Humans and pets have more in common than the bond of affection and companionship. Pets can also suffer similar health challenges such as: arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, diabetes, and more. What’s extra challenging, however, is that our pets can’t articulate their discomfort.

An Earthing Connection

If you have experience with earthing techniques or grounding products, then you already know the benefits of connecting with the earth’s natural electromagnetic field: relief from pain and inflammation, improved sleep, faster healing, increased energy and enhanced mood, just to name a few. Fortunately, the benefits of grounding extend beyond humans to include our furry friends as well!

A Plush Earthing Pad for pets is a simple and cozy way to create an earth connection for the special animals in our lives.
Earthing ground cord
Made with cotton and pure silver conductive threads, the Earthing Pad for pets plugs into a grounded outlet and carries a grounded charge, which is absorbed by your pet’s body when sleeping or relaxing on it. It is an especially helpful way to provide a natural connection for indoor pets, or ageing ones who cannot go outside as often.
Black golden doodle sitting in dog crate on earthing mat
Place the Plush Earthing Pad in beds or sleeping crates, on the floor, or sofa. It can be an excellent tool to calm noise-sensitive pets during thunderstorms or other stress-inducing events. Many pet owners who use grounding and earthing products report positive changes in their pets’ behavior, including improved mobility and comfort, and decreased anxiety.
Golden doodle puppy laying on a couch on an earthing mat
In the words of Stephen R. Blake, DVM, Holistic Veterinarian:

“I have treated many animals who have spent their entire lives in high-rise building without any contact with the Earth. I have advised their owners to ground their animals in some way. Preferably, take their animals outside as much as possible and let them have contact with the Earth’s surface. Indoors, you can provide a grounding surface for an animal... an Earthing product. I suggest placing it in their bed so they get maximum contact time with the Earth throughout the night and day.

“You would be surprised how just a simple thing like contact with the Earth can make a difference.”

The Plush Earthing Pad for pets is available now for online order on our website:
black golden doodle laying on a couch on an earthing pad

Invisible Stressors

Many animals are sensitive to their environment, often beyond what humans can see, hear, and feel. This can have an effect on their wellness, levels of stress, and general quality of life.

PetDOT™ and aquaDOT™ are low-powered, self-adhesive magnets designed to protect the energy surrounding our pets from EMF waves emitted from wireless devices, WiFi, and other disturbances.
PetDOT is programmed with frequencies to reharmonize and rejuvenate our pets’ energy field,

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