Taking Up Space
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What does it really mean to “take up space”? Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase.

For women, it signifies not minimizing our contributions, intelligence, and physical presence.

Traditionally, the expectation has been to make ourselves as small as possible, in order to create more room for others, both literally and figuratively. Today, many of us are rejecting these limiting attitudes, and stepping into the fullness of who we are.
Women's Extra Wide Width Fit Genuine Bison Hide Soft Sole Moccasins
This naturally extends to fashion and footwear. Thankfully, after generations of constrictive clothing, comfort and ease are finally taking precedence. Increasingly, we are choosing not to pinch and squeeze our feet into shoes and slippers that don’t fit properly, or require a precarious balancing act.

We are TAKING UP SPACE, triumphantly and unapologetically!

Women’s Wide Soft Sole Moccasins are an example of classic but beautifully flexible indoor shoes with extra room for the wider foot, allowing toes to spread freely. These are moccasins that are ready to wear and require no “breaking in” period.
Women’s Wide Soft Sole Moccasins
Made in Canada by the Alfred Cloutier Co., Women’s Wide Moccasins are crafted with genuine bison leather, and hand-finished with a crisscross stitched vamp. A double-soft padded insole provides additional comfort and the suede interior feels velvety against barefoot skin.
Made in Canada by the Alfred Cloutier Co Women’s Wide Bison Moccasins

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