As Canadian As It Gets

As Canadian As It Gets

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Our most luxurious moccasin slippers also happen to be our most Canadian!
Maple colored genuine leather moccasins
Men’s Double Leather Indoor Moccasins by Laurentian Chief incorporate the very best of our national heritage. Handcrafted with responsibly sourced, high quality hides, and traditional artisanship and design, these house shoes are a quite a step up above average.
man looking in the mirror at his nice brown moccasins

Genuine Moose Hide

The largest member of the deer family, moose are a national symbol of Canada. Strong, majestic, and adaptable on water and land, the moose cuts an impressive and unique profile.

The moose has a long history and spiritual connection with Indigenous communities, who hunted them for meat, and used their hides for clothes and shelter. The word moose is derived from the Algonquin “mooswa” meaning “eater of twigs.”

Moose leather is known for its strength and durability. Sometimes, the hides retain markings from the animal’s life the wild, which is considered desirable and adds significance to the leather.
Laurentian Chief genuine moose hide leather maple brown moccasins with memory foam insoles

Maple Tan

Maple syrup is famously one of Canada’s most popular exports, and its amber tones are synonymous with sweet, natural goodness the world over. For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have harvested sap from maples for flavouring, food preservation, and medicinal purposes. Early colonists were taught by First Nation communities to tap maple trees for sustenance and survival.

Laurentian Chief’s Indoor Moccasins for men are made with Maple Tan leather in the same warm, rich brown as full-bodied maple syrup. It’s a classic colour that works as the perfect neutral, adding style as well as comfort to your wardrobe.
you can see the remarkable quality in every stitch and detail in Laurentian Chief moccasins made in Canada

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