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Grounding (or earthing) occurs via direct contact between the human body and the earth, without impediments. It is one of the simplest, most accessible techniques we have to naturally improve wellness, without a prescription or negative side effects.

In the past, communities of people worked the land, slept on the ground, and wore leather shoes like moccasins, all of which created a regular grounding connection. Today, unless we make a conscious effort, much of that connection is lost.
Earthing, walking in leather moccasins are barefoot on the ground
Direct or bare skin contact with the ground merges our electromagnetic field with the earth’s, creating an exchange of energy and electrons. This stimulates healthy cellular activity and neutralizes free radicals, the unstable molecules in our bodies that cause illness and aging.

The most significant barrier to earthing is modern footwear, due to synthetics like vinyl and thick rubber soles which block the free-flow of electrons.
Beautiful pair of quality moccasins made from genuine leather crafted in Canada
Leather is a product of nature that will not disrupt the earthing connection. Traditional moccasins made with real animal hides, like those crafted by Laurentian Chief, are a way to restore our relationship with the earth, and enjoy the experience of physical and mental wellbeing grounding practices provide.
moccasins with a leather sole with NO foam insoles perfect for connecting to the Earth's electrons

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