Campfire Couture
A campfire is one of the great summer traditions! Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire pit, favourite beverage in hand, surrounded by good friends and family?

The glow of a fire brings people closer together, inspiring sing-songs and s’mores. And if you’re lucky, the smoke also helps keep summer mosquitos away! There are few things more satisfying than a bonfire crackling at night under a sky full of stars.
Enjoying roasting marshmallows over an open fire with traditional moccasins
With their relaxed, traditional styling, moccasins are an obvious choice in terms of campfire footwear. Canadian manufacturer Laurentian Chief has an extensive line of classic mocs made with high-quality leather and hides, and with so many designs to choose from, there is a pair to suit every preference and personality.

For The Traditionalist

Laurentian Chief traiditional moccasins made in Canada
Authentic moose hide moccasins with a velvety suede interior. Proof you don’t have to sacrifice luxury in the great outdoors! These mocs have a padded insole for extra cushioned softness, and a sturdy crepe gum sole for outside durability. Classic and comfortable, with easy, slip-on, slip-off convenience.
Rocky-Oil Tan Leather Moccasins by Laurentian Chief Made in Canada
Available in Men’s sizes 7-13, in Cork and Rocky Brown:

Available in Women’s sizes 5-10, in Cork:

For The Purist

Moccasins dark brown leather earthing natural made in Canada authentic
Soft-sole, 100% leather moccasins for earthing. Earthing mocs are constructed entirely out of moose hide (Men’s) and buffalo hide (Women’s). With no synthetic materials and a flexible leather outsole, you can enjoy that barefoot feeling while connecting with the earth, and get grounded while you toast your marshmallows.
Enjoying an open campfire while Earthing with natural authentic moccasins
Available in Men’s sizes 7-15, in Cork:

Available in Women’s sizes 4-10, in Fudge Brown:

For The Chiller

The guy with cold feet:
Fleece Lined Warm and Cozy Moccasins Slippers with Rubber Sole by Laurentian Chief
Suede, sheepskin-lined moccasins. Naturally thermostatic, sheepskin warms your toes without over-heating, and allows for air circulation. The plush shearling will keep you cozy long after the campfire burns out. A light rubber sole gives you indoor/outdoor versatility.

Available in Men’s sizes 7-12, in Chocolate Brown:

The gal with goosebumps:
Imitation knock-off dupe tasman ugg slippers
Trendy, UGG-style sheepskin slip-ons. These indoor/outdoor slippers are made with Australian sheep suede and lined with thick plush shearling, for extra warmth and comfort. The distinctive braid trim and backless design create a look that has been sweeping social media for months and you should get in on it!

Available in Women’s sizes 5-11, in Chestnut Brown:

Laurentian Chief moccasins are hand-crafted in Quebec, Canada, inspired by Indigenous designs, and crafted by artisans with the timeless techniques of generations.

What is your moccasin of choice for an evening around the fire?
Campfire with pajamas and lined moccasins perfect for August nights as weather gets a bit cooler

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