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Indigenous artwork is instantly recognizable for its beauty and symbolic motifs; it can have a powerful impact when displayed in the home, adding vibrant colour and dramatic design.

We’ve recently introduced Indigenous-themed home goods by Native Northwest to our website. These stunning textiles will both decorate and incorporate important stories and traditions into your living space.

Woven Blankets

Warm, generously sized blankets ideal for home use or ceremonies.

Treasure of Our Ancestors - by Donnie Edenshaw
 Treasure of Our Ancestors Indigenous Art Woven Blanket
A luxuriously soft blanket with lightly fringed edges and a crimson and black design that swirls with movement. At 60” x 80”, this woven acrylic throw is large enough to keep you (and a friend) cozy on the sofa or around the campfire.

Donnie Edenshaw, also known as Gaju Xial, (“Song and Dance Man”) is a Haida artist, raised in Old Massett, British Columbia. He grew up on the land, hunting, fishing, singing, and dancing. He became interested in art as a young man, soon establishing himself as a gifted carver. Edenhaw says, “It is a responsibility to show people what we have. Just as I continue to learn about my culture - I have to teach others as well.”
Treasure of Our Ancestors Native Northwest Woven Blanket Throw
The Indigenous Art Woven Blanket is available in a variety of designs and colours by different Indigenous artists. To purchase online, please visit:

Pillow Covers

Update your sofa or bed with throw pillows beautified by these striking designs. Salish Sunset - by Simone Diamond
Salish Sunset by Simone Diamond Native Northwest Pillow Cover
A jacquard woven cushion cover in warm stripes of red, gold, black, and turquoise that capture the radiance of a sunset sky. For throw pillow inserts 18” x 18” or 20” x 20”. (Pillow insert not included.)

Inspired by her natural surroundings, the artwork was created by Simone Diamond, a self- taught Coast Salish artist from Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. In her own words: “I create art that connects me to my family, our traditions, and our spirit of continuity.”

Running Raven - by Morgan Asoyuf
Running Raven by Morgan Asoyuf Native Northwest Pillow Cover

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